Michael Cochran

CEO (joint), APAC Biofuel Consultants

Mike Cochran is the CEO of Ecco Consulting Pty Ltd. Ecco was established in 2004 to provide advisory services in marketing, economics, policy and operations to the oil, petroleum, alternative fuel markets. 

Prior to establishing Ecco, Mike spent 22 years with Santos Ltd in liquids marketing and oil and gas commercialisation and seven years with RioTinto in commodity marketing and project evaluation.

Biofuels is one specialty advisory established in 2006 by Ecco Consulting jointly with EnergyQuest, trading as APAC Biofuel Consultants. Since then APAC has become a leading independent biofuel consultancy in Australia providing advisory services to clients including governments, investors, associations and refiners.  

Mike has a degree in Economics from Sydney University and a Diploma of Oil Supply and Refining (University of Oxford) and has presented at many national and international forums and symposiums on condensate, naphtha, LPG, biofuels and alternative transport fuels.