Klausch Schmidt

Industry Manager, Australian Industry Standards (AIS)

Klausch is an Industry Manager at Australian Industry Standards (AIS), not-for-profit Skills Service Organisation that develops skills standards across a range of Australian industries.

He draws upon his wealth of industry experience and VET knowledge to provide professional stakeholder engagement and support services to the industries that AIS supports, under the direction of Industry Reference Committees. He has responsibility for the Transport and Logistics, Maritime, Rail and Water sectors.

He consults with a broad range of stakeholders including Industry associations and businesses, licensing and regulatory bodies, government and State Training Authorities. This helps ensure that qualifications and skills standards are contemporary and meet the needs of industry.

Klausch’s rich work history includes roles as a trainer in in various industries, 15 years as a distribution centre manager, industry development manager for the Australian Meat and Livestock Corporation and General Manager of a Registered Training Organisation. Klausch holds an Advanced Diploma in Management and other vocational qualifications.