Travelling to SA

There are no current COVID-19 testing or quarantine restrictions for travellers from within Australia or New Zealand. Travellers are permitted to enter providing they have completed the Cross Border Travel Registration Form prior to entry into SA.

All travellers must complete the Cross Border Travel Registration prior to their travel to South Australia.

If you are planning travel to SA, aim to complete the Cross-Border Travel Registration form at least 7 days before you leave, regardless of where your travel begins. If you are applying for essential traveller categories (when relevant), please attach relevant documents to assist with assessment and determination.

Self Check-in

Travellers will now receive an email from South Australia Police that requests that they complete a 'Self Check-in'. This will “check” them in as arriving in South Australia.

Travellers will either declare that they have arrived, or will be arriving in South Australia as per the date declared on their Cross Border Travel Registration.

The email from South Australia Police will arrive on the day you are expected to arrive in South Australia.

SA Cross Border Travel Application
SA Travel Restrictions and Responsibilities

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