Attendance at the Asia Pacific Fuel Industry Forum is welcomed from all aspects of fuel retail and distribution, including major oil, retail networks, independents, wholesale and distributors, government and regulatory bodies.

Why attend?

  • LEARN from the network of industry leaders on topics that affect the operation of business within the fuel industry
  • HAVE YOUR SAY and engage with your peers within the open environment created by the Forum
  • DISCOVER the new products and technologies designed to assist you in the running and optimisation of your business
  • NETWORK with the wider industry and take the time to meet with old friends
  • CELEBRATE another year of successful operation within an increasingly difficult marketplace

Previous delegates

David Batchelor, Director, 4D Installations
David Bacon, Director, 4D Installations
Nathan Paterson, Fuel Operations Manager, 7-Eleven
Tim Donoghue, Retail Fuel Manager, 7-Eleven
Mark Pruysers, Fuel Analyst, 7-Eleven
Cat Squire, Events & Communications Manager, ACAPMA
Mark McKenzie, CEO, ACAPMA
Elisha Radwanowski, Executive Manager: Training & Employment, ACAPMA
Isac Lazar, Compliance Manager, ACAPMA
Marilyn Fraser, Financial Officer, ACAPMA
Matthew Schroder, General Manager, Infrastructure and Transport – Access and Pricing, ACCC
Gary Dobinson, Director, Fuel Prices and Market Analysis, ACCC
Rod Sims, Chairman, ACCC
Jonathan Whittlesea, Senior Plant Designer, ACOR MCE Consultants
Steve Crispin-Brown, General Manager, Action Installation and Services
Michael Mintilakis, Director, Action Installation and Services
Robert Domanyi, Project Manager, Action Installation and Services
Trevor Bayliss, General Manager, Adelaide Fuel Distributors
Sandra Bayliss, Partner, Adelaide Fuel Distributors
Dean Johnston, Customer Service Manager, Advanced Lighting Technologies
David Hewett, Managing Director, Airtec Corporation
Michael Hewett, Service Manager, Airtec Corporation
Fernanda Kimura, Airtec Corporation
Kurt Jensen, Environmental Team Leader, AKS Industries x SPEL Environmental
Mike Cochran, CEO, APAC Biofuels Consultants
Travis Gauci, Product Manager, Arthur J Gallagher
Grant Stillman, Principal Broker, Arthur J Gallagher
Amedeo Pase, Principal Broker, Arthur J Gallagher
Damian Brien, Account Executive, Arthur J Gallagher
Jamie Lansdown, National Affinity Manager, Arthur J Gallagher
Rohan Hankinson, Relationship Manager, AssetInsure x Petrobonds
Andrew Bevan, AssetInsure x Petrobonds
Chris Callagham, Commercial Manager, Australian Solvents & Chemicals Company
Nick Catley, Account Manager – Prepaid, Australian Solvents & Chemicals Company
Stuart Jones, B&B Industrial Wagga Wagga
Simon Bennett, B&B Industrial Wagga Wagga
Allan Holst, Director, Beacon Business Systems
Tim Conn, Operations Manager, Beacon Business Systems
Tony Schultz, Logistics Manager, Bennetts Petroleum
Larry Sweeten, Chief Finance Officer, Bennetts Petroleum
Troy Bennett, Managing Director, Bennetts Petroleum
Ben Saward, Commercial Manager, Bonney Energy
Philip Molineux, CEO, Bonney Energy
Andrew Bugeja, Chief Operating Officer, Bonney Energy
Tony Winsall, General Manager, Bonney Energy
Brad Houseman, Regional Design & Engineering Manager, BP Australia
Michael Hart, General Manager – Business Partnerships, BP Australia
Robert Plecher, Dealer Manager, BP Australia
Charles Perrottet, Dealer Manager, BP Australia
Adam Arnold, General Manager – Marketing & Retail Offer Development, BP Australia
Brooke Miller, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, BP Australia
Alex Schoulal, International Business Manager – Fuel Additive Solutions, Callington
Ben Fenton, Sales & Marketing Executive, Caltas
Dale Schmidt, Business Manager, Caltex
Michael Carr, CEO, Centro Management
Sean Pietersz, Senior Business Development Manager, CGU
Ross Johansen, Senior Business Relationship Manager, CGU
Noor Magesh, Relationship Manager, Commonwealth Bank
Sohini Gohil, Business Banking Specialist, Commonwealth Bank
Emily Moss, Business Banking Specialist, Commonwealth Bank
Craig James, Chief Economist, Commonwealth Bank
Stuart Ramsay, Director, Companion Software
Nathan Stayte, Senior Developer, Companion Software
Neil Broderick, Companion Software
Rachel Trindade, Competition Consultant
Lorna Gloria, Managing Editor, Convenience World
Tina Cooper, Victorian State Manager, Convenience World
Peter Strong, CEO, COSBOA
Anthony Navarra, Buyer, Costco Wholesale Australia
Paul Brisbane, Acting Manager, Biofuels Policy, Dept of Energy & Water Supply
Patricia Hurikino, Manager, Liquid Fuels & Emergency, Dept of Energy & Water Supply
Suzanne Bridgman, Assistant Director, Emergency Management & Preparedness, Dept of Environment & Energy
Meg Doepel, Inspector/Compliance Monitoring Officer, Dept of Environment & Energy
Greg Beaumont, Inspector/Compliance Monitoring Officer, Dept of Environment & Energy
Kelly Butcher, Assistant Director, Fuel Quality Standards Section, Dept of Environment & Energy
Maggie Jorritsma, Inspector/Compliance Monitoring Officer, Dept of Environment & Energy
Dr David Swanton, Director Fuel Quality Standards Section, Dept of Environment & Energy
Deon Cilliers, National Manager – CFLS, Donaldson
Hayden Schulz, National Manager, Donaldson
Craig Wood, Corporate Accounts Manager Service, dormakaba
Chris Cooper, General Manager – Asia, Dover Fueling Solutions
Spence Donald, Sales Manager, Dover Fueling Solutions
Ludo Wilmann, Sales Manager, Dover Fueling Solutions (Wayne)
Shaun Napier, Sales Director – Asia, Dover Fueling Solutions (Wayne)
Satiesh Muniandy, Business Development Manager, Draeger Safety Pacific
Andrew Tilling, Territory Manager, Draeger Safety Pacific
Craig Sanderson, Territory Manager, Draeger Safety Pacific
Preeju Anirudhan, Product and Application Manager, Draeger Safety Pacific
Craig Allison, General Manager, ECL Group Australia
Grant Mirfin, Managing Director, ECL Group Australia
Klaus Frost, Managing Director, ELAFLEX
Michael Treloar, Managing Director, ELAFLEX PACIFIC
Luke Watkins, Business Development, ELAFLEX PACIFIC
Behyad Jafari, CEO, Electric Vehicle Council
Goran Feher, Project Manager, EM Signs
Andrew Scully, Project Manager, EM Signs
Russell Dupuy, Managing Director, EMS
Jeff Griffiths, Managing Director, Endeavour Petroleum
Nic Moulis, General Manager, Endeavour Petroleum
Neil Taylor, National Petroleum Manager, Enviropacific
Rod McNess, Enviropacific
Darren Taylor, National Petroleum Operations Manager, Enviropacific
Ryan Foster, Marketing Manager, Enviropacific
Corey Rogers, Enviropacific
Phil Quinan, National Marketing Manager, Envirotank
Don Craig, Customer Service Manager, Envirotank
Don Johnson, EPS
Natalie James, Fair Work Ombudsman, Fair Work
Colleen Church, Strategic Account Manager, Fleetcor
Nitin Suri, Alliance & New Business Consultant – Australia, Fleetcor
Martin Cislo, Sales and Marketing Director, Australasia, Fleetcor
Jim Craig, Managing Director, Franklin Fueling
Darren MacMahon, Technical Sales Manager, Franklin Fueling
Craig Burrows, General Manager, Fuel Distributors of WA
Ted Price, Business Development Manager – Phoenix Petroleum, Fuel Distributors of WA
Jamie Burkett, Operations Manager, Fuel Distributors of WA
Geoff Blacklock, Business Development Manager, Fuel Distributors of WA
David Glasson, Business Owner, FuelCal Engineering
Steve Sammartino, Futurist, Futurist
Ron Win, Product Manager – Fuel Systems, Gallagher
Daryl Osborne, Technical Account Manager, Gallagher
Derek Hjelm, Business Development Manager, Gallagher
Robert Maher, Business Development Manager, GaP Solutions
Stephen Gavan, Business Development Manager, GaP Solutions
Tim Shaw, CEO, GapMaps
Andrew Bowie, Business Improvement, Gasoline Alley
Bev Brodie, Area Manager Team Leader, Gasoline Alley
Simon Stanley, Gasweld
Paula Correa, ANZ Sales Support Manager, Gilbarco
Robert Scott, Business Development Manager, Gilbarco
Ali Derakhshi, Gilbarco
Craig Sheppard, ANZ Operations Director, Gilbarco
Vic Turner, Managing Director – ANZ/SEA/India, Gilbarco
Pauline Paoli, Business Development Manager – Retail, Glory Global
Ray Narducci, Sales Manager, Great Southern Fuel Supplies
Grant McPherson, Director, G-Tech
Jeff Ryland, G-Tech
Andrew Vicary, Director, Gulf Western
Ben Vicary, Director, Gulf Western
Mark Anderson, General Manager, Harrison
Steve Russell, Fuel Manager, Hastings Co-operative
Tonia Russell, Partner, Hastings Co-operative
Mark Dale, Manager, Heil Trailer
Atiq Rahman, General Manager, HOCL Oils
Peter Bensley, Pacific Guage, Husky
Grenville Sutcliffe, President, Husky
Nicholas Pullen, Partner, HWL Ebsworth
Alan Cadd, Managing Director, Informed Sources
Nick Ferris, Commercial Manager – Asia Pacific, Informed Sources
Chris Huth, Regional Manager – Asia Pacific, Informed Sources
Anastasia Hull, Finance Manager, Inland Petroleum
Alice Cleaver, Retail & Marketing Manager, Inland Petroleum
Rob Santilli, National Operations Manager, Integrated Petroleum Solutions
Chris McLean, Director, Integrated Petroleum Solutions
Margaret Ewings, Director, inTOTUM
Wade Death, General Manager, Jack & Co Food Stores
Calvin Sy, Director, Jasbe
Ash Seing, Operations Manager, John Duff & Co
Michael Duff, General Manager, John Duff & Co
Beth Woodward, Partner, John Duff & Co
Shaun Cousins, Executive Director, Equity Research, JP Morgan
Peter Sims, General Manager, K&S Fuels
Stephen Kennedy, Kenik
Rocco Lomuto, Kenik
Andrew Perry, Commercial Director, L H Perry & Sons
Marcus Perry, Finance Director, L H Perry & Sons
Toby Griffin, General Manager – Field Services, Leighton O’Brien
Robyn Celebi, Business Development, Leighton O’Brien
Luke McConchie, SIRA Account Manager, Leighton O’Brien
Greg Foot-Connolly, Southern Operations Manager, Leighton O’Brien
Andrew Higgins, NSW/ACT Operations Manager, Leighton O’Brien
Sania Jalal, SIRA Analyst, Leighton O’Brien
Reed Leighton, CEO, Leighton O’Brien
Sally Locke, Marketing Communications Manager, Leighton O’Brien
Kim Lumb, Manager Midway Service Station, Liberty Oil
Russell Reeves, Retail Manager QLD & North NSW, Liberty Oil
Lyndon Borgas, Wholesale Manager QLD, Liberty Oil
Chris Barnes, Wholesale Manager North QLD, Liberty Oil
Laurence Hayes, Depot Manager Emerald QLD, Liberty Oil
Tim McGrath, Wholesale Manager NSW, Liberty Oil
Steve Boysen, Retail Manager VIC & Southern NSW, Liberty Oil
Paul Goonan, Wholesale Manager VIC, Liberty Oil
George Pappas, Commercial Manager, Liberty Oil
Ryan Thompson, Wholesale Manager VIC, Liberty Oil
Harry Osman, National Retail & Property Manager, Liberty Oil
Doug Mackey, Retail Manager SA, WA & NT, Liberty Oil
Mark Escritt, Wholesale Manager SA, Liberty Oil
Neil Anderson, Marketing Operations Manager, Liberty Oil
Syd Berry, Marketing Coordinator, Liberty Oil
Jeff Dawson, National Marketing & Sales Manager, Liberty Oil
Ryan Hall, Stock & Pricing Manager, Liberty Oil
Paul Edmends, CEO, Liberty Oil
Rick Clayton, National Account Manager, Lion
Mike Lovegrove, Director, Lovegrove Electrical and Fuel Systems
Tony Lovegrove, Director, Lovegrove Electrical and Fuel Systems
Ramon Gregory, Project Manager, Lovegrove Electrical and Fuel Systems
Wayne Pettit, Retail Manager, Lowes Petroleum Service
Darren Garnon, Director, Lubealloy
Debbie Forster, Ethanol Product Manager, Manildra Group
Greg Ward, MC
Brad Wicherson, Senior Advisor to CEO, Mitsubishi Corp
Troy Willoughby, National Account Manager, Modus Projects
Steve Clark, Project Manager, Modus Projects
Sally Brown, National Business Manager – Convenience and Food, Mrs Macs
Eddy Nader, Managing Director, Nader Petroleum Group
Joseph Alessi, National Merchandise Manager, New Sunrise Group
Deborah Adnum, Category Manager, New Sunrise Group
Engelbert Misquitta, Senior Category Manager, New Sunrise Group
Kosta Soldatos, Retail Development Manager, New Sunrise Group
Andrew Cardinale, Category Manager, New Sunrise Group
Sylvia Altair, Retail Development Manager, New Sunrise Group
Tyson Lester, General Manager – Sales & Marketing, NEXT Payments
John Bakker, Corporate Sales, NEXT Payments
Phil Mallon, Project Manager, North Coast Petroleum
Jim Beadman, General Manager, North Coast Petroleum
David Johnson, Senior Project Officer – Contaminated Sites Section, NSW Environment Protection Authority
Herman Cabral, Business Development Manager, NTI
Rob Wass, National Technical Manager, NTI
Jeff Booth, Director, Nupi
Paul Nielsen, Managing Director, Nutristar Solutions
Branko Maric, National Sales Manager, Octane Systems
Tim Clarke, Business Project Manager, Octane Systems
Mike Steele, Managing Director, Octane Systems
Abdullah Ayub, Pricing Analyst, OPIS
Craig Sainsbury, Sales, OPW Global
Michelle Hurley, Product Manager, OPW Global
Michael Hollows, Managing Director, Pacific Petroleum
Garth Anderson, Pacific Petroleum
Jennifer Jean, Retail Manager, Pacific Petroleum
Chris Flipp, National Sales Manager, Peak Oil
Ron Shugg, General Manager, Peak Oil
June Pantaleon, Regional Sales Manager, PECOFacet Australia
Tony Lawton, Manager Asia, Africa and Americas, Penrite Oil Company
Philip Gleeson, National Sales Manager – Convenience & Specialty, Peters Ice Cream
Paul Tatchell, Sales & Business Development Manager, Petro Diamond
Chris Wight, General Manager, Petrogas
Jeremy Clark, Strategic Business Manager, Petrogas
Wayne Martin, Commercial Manager, Petrogas
Andy Burford, Director, Petroleum Equipment Services
Chris Davis, General Manager, Petroleum Equipment Services
Brad Marshall, Product Manager, Phoenix Lubricants
Srinivas Peddi, Pinnacle Group
Jayanth Thota, Pinnacle Group
Gowtham Polavarapu, Pinnacle Group
Richard Stockwell, Director, Prefect Agencies
Stephen Fogarty, Fuelcard & Commercial Manager, Puma Energy
Jim Raszyk, Chief Operating Officer, Puma Energy
Ian Ross, General Manager, Puma Energy
Greg Croaker, Commercial Manager, Quality Logistic Services Australia
Vanessa Warrick, Director, Quality Performance Lubes
Sharon Taylor, Customer Care Manager, Quest Payment Systems
Michael Case, RACV
Ron Visser, Dangerous Goods Consultant, RAV DG Services
Ian Burrows, Managing Director, Refuel Australia
Nathan Chapman, Business Development Manager, Refuel Australia
Monique Burrows, Partner, Refuel Australia
Kyle Bender, Director, ReOil
Craig Hammond, Operations Manager, Sanzone Retail Group
Len Sanzone, Operations Manager, Sanzone Retail Group
John Bellantoni, Director, Sanzone Retail Group
Greg Smith, Operations Manager, Sanzone Retail Group
Eoin Byrne, Director, Scancam
Anthony Schmidt, Managing Director, Scancam
Ryan Smyth, Principal Advisor, Scancam
Brad Gaunt, Channel Manager, Schweppes
Nigel Howlett, General Manager, Shipman King
Peter Saxon, Operations Manager, Shipman King
Martin Andersen, SloanLED
Peter Lyon, Sodexo
Andy Hornbuckle, Team Leader – Asia Pacific, SPEL Environmental
Andre Magar, Business Development Manager, SPEL Environmental
Steve McWhirter, Manager, Stevemacs Bulk Fuel Haulage
You Wei Aw, Analyst, Stratas Advisors
Brenda Mainland, Principal, Survey Matters
James Harris, Director, Switchco
Jennifer Reynolds, Project Manager, Switchco
Nick Stylianou, Project Manager, Switchco
Robert Butterfield, BDM – National Retail, Tank Solutions
Anthony Turner, National Business Development Manager, Tank Solutions
Michael Graham, General Manager, Tank Solutions
Rick Causey, General Manager, Tanknology
Phil Hull, Operations Manager, Tanknology
Gregory Tait, Tanknology
Shane Waata, Tanknology
Ben Phillips, Director – Victoria, TFA Project Group
Craig Duffield, Director – NSW, TFA Project Group
Geoff Newling, Petroleum Consultant, The Bond & Credit Co
Martin Gomez, Underwriter, The Bond & Credit Co
George Tsapoutas, General Manager, The Distributors
John White, Director, Thundaflo
Adrian Felton, Technologies Director, TLM Technologies
Samantha Lacey, General Manager, Touchstar Group
Sam Henry, Customer Service Manager, Touchstar Group
David Green, Group Business Manager, Tritech Lubricants
Peter Hale, General Manager, TRL Engineering
Glen Logan, Technical Representative, TRL Engineering
Jamie Regan, CEO, Tropic Petroleum
Matt Mason, Chief Compliance Officer, Tropic Petroleum
Darren Park, CEO, UCB
Deseri Rickards, Retail Merchandise Controller, UCB
David Howley, Group Chief Financial Officer, United Retail Group
Robert Riordan, Managing Director, United Retail Group
Nick Carter, Finance Manager, United Retail Group
Dr Rhonda Smith, Lecturer, University of Melbourne
Danielle Cameron, National Manager – Commercial Partnerships, Val Morgan Outdoor
Jacinta Creek, HR and Administration Manager, Vantage Fuels
Chris Richardson, General Manager, Vantage Fuels
Haydn Tierney, Marketing Manager, Vantage Fuels
Roger Bury, Facilities and Assets Manager, Vantage Fuels
Jane Tierney, Vantage Fuels
Rowan Williams, Vision Stream
Robert Gentle, Visual Technologies
Tina Henshaw, National Account Manager, Viva Energy
Denny Karamoshos, National Account Manager, Viva Energy
Jayson Carroll, National Account Manager, Viva Energy
Sam Ritchie, Wholesale Sales Manager, Viva Energy
Craig Cleary, Liberty Sales Manager, Viva Energy
Stephen Crystal, Dealer Platforms Manager, Viva Energy
Katie Dwyer, Dealer Manager – QLD, Viva Energy
Terry Kelly, Dealer Manager – VIC, Viva Energy
Ivan Pyvovarenko, Dealer Manager – NSW, Viva Energy
Andrew Bryden, National Operations Lead, Viva Energy
Rodney Smith, Retail Agency Manager, Viva Energy
Sally King, Strategy and Commercial Manager, Viva Energy
Jim Koral, Senior Category Manager, Viva Energy
Mick Bennett, Reseller Markets, Marketing Manager, Viva Energy
Briony Mack, Customer Insights & New Platforms Strategist, Viva Energy
Sandra Centofanti, Retail CX & Marketing Strategy Manager, Viva Energy
Ben Altis, Reseller Markets, Viva Energy
Cam Herrington, HSSE Lead, Viva Energy
Nicole Kemp, Export Sales Manager, Volumatic x Prefect Agencies
David Janson, Maintenance Manager, Wessel Petroleum
Paul Wessel, Managing Director, Wessel Petroleum
Amanda Coates, Finance & IT Manager, Wessel Petroleum
Susan Nicholson, Director – Product and Marketing Asia Pacific, WEX Australia
Bruno Del Re, Manager – Merchants and Merchant Strategy, WEX Australia
Allan Ireland, WEX Australia
Rebecca Filippin, WEX Australia
Kathryn Grant, WEX Australia
Julian Thomson, WEX Australia
Richard Hall, WEX Australia
Grant Fraser, Senior Relationship Manager Asia Pacific, WEX Australia
Sharmin Akhter, Account Services Manager – Major Oils, WEX Australia
Rick Rose, Managing Director, WEX Australia
Natasha Burns, Head of Business Development – Fuel, WEX Australia
Daniel Png, Fuels Manager, Williams Fuel Systems
Michael Richardson, Fuels Supervisor, Williams Fuel Systems
Andrew Smith, Asset Specialist, Woolworths
Stephen Challenger, Head of Fuel Management, Woolworths
Harish Ankam, Fuel Business Improvement Manager, Woolworths
Cara Williams, Acting Head of Fuel Management, Woolworths
Phil Kilazoglou, Business Relationship & Marketing Manager, Woolworths
Gerry Richens, Managing Director, XL Lubricants
Barry Anchen, General Manager, XL Lubricants